“A team from the EU Delegation in Kazakhstan visited the Legal Policy Research Centre today. The meeting focused on the results of the completed project “Enhancing Legal Protection of Migrants rights in Kazakhstan”, implemented by the LPRC together with the International Commission of Jurists, with EU support, from January 2019 to June 2021. During the visit, the monitoring team met with the direct beneficiaries of the project – a lawyer and a jurist from a nongovernmental organisation dealing with the protection of migrants’ rights. The participants appreciated the efforts of the project and expressed their gratitude to the EU for supporting such an urgent issue as the protection of migrants’ rights in Kazakhstan.

The visit also looked at the interim results of the “Service-oriented model of democratic policing” project, also supported by the EU and implemented in Kazakhstan since February 2020. LPRC is implementing this project together with the Ukrainian Centre of Policy and Legal Reform. A buzz-call with the project beneficiaries was also held on the occasion of the meeting. In particular the head of local police service of the pilot district of Almaty in Nut-Sultan and inspector-psychologist of the Centre for training psychologists and conducting sociological research shared their views on the impact of the project”.

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