On August 5, 2021, an online open expert discussion on criminal justice issues took place in the framework of the Draft Concept of Legal Policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan until 2030. The event was attended by representatives of key government agencies, the legal community, academia, the non-governmental sector and international organizations.

Earlier the Ministry of Justice of the RK developed a project of the Concept of Legal Policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan until 2030. The draft concept ensures the transparency of legal policy, which should increase confidence in the ongoing reforms in accordance with the concept of “The Hearing State”.

In an online discussion of criminal justice, international expert Nikolai Khavronyuk suggested updating or unifying some of the phrases.

“This draft Concept is overflowing with unspecific wording in the spirit of late “developed socialism”, when every program drew attention to the need to strengthen, improve, and raise. The phrases “to develop mechanisms”, “to further humanize”, “there is a need to revise”, “to transform”, should be modernized or unified”, – suggested Honored Lawyer of Ukraine, Director of scientific development of the Center for political and legal reforms Nikolay Khavronyuk.

According to Dmitry Nurumov, legal adviser at the Legal Policy Research Center (LPRC), it is high time to reform the Code of Administrative Offences.
“The fate of the Code of Administrative Offences is not decided. Although criminal misdemeanors have already been introduced into the Criminal Code. There is a concept of administrative torts abroad, and maybe it is time for us, too, to switch to a three-tier system where there are misdemeanors, crimes, and offenses,” said Dmitry Nurumov, Chief Legal Advisor of LPRC.

The use of vague constructions in the criminal legislation doesn’t allow to determine the material composition. If the concept reflects the need to introduce international human rights standards, it will undoubtedly enrich and bring our Criminal Code to a new level – the experts concluded.

Open expert discussion was held within the framework of the project of the Legal Policy Research Center “Joint space of democratic practices for public initiatives: promotion of civic participation in decision-making on the development of democratic political practices and mechanisms” with the financial support of the Soros Foundation-Kazakhstan.

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