To ensure this, we have decided to choose hackathon as a new format of the camp. You will be able to draw up a plan for the implementation and development of your project, as well as make a minimum working product.

Overall, ZHASCAMP includes 3 stages:

1. ZhasCamp Pitching (applications can be submitted from 6 to 24 August).
2. ZhasCamp Hackathon.
3. ZhasCamp Accelerator.

You can present your project in both Russian and Kazakh languages. The age requirement for applicants is 16-25 years old.


– Relevance and social significance of the problem the project is aimed at solving. ⠀

– Creative, innovative and original approach to problem solving.

– Sustainability of the project. The project should have the ability to implement and continue, as well as involve various stakeholders (government, business, the public). ⠀

– The target audience of the project and the expected results must be defined specifically.

Application are submitted here

Contacts: + 7 707 401 43 79,

The project is implemented by the Youth Information Service of Kazakhstan with the support of the Soros Foundation-Kazakhstan and the Friedrich Ebert Fund.


PF “Legal Media Center”

Kazakhstan International Bureau for Human Rights and Rule of Law
Legal Policy Research Center

Coalition of a new generation of human rights defenders

Youth health center “NURSALAUAT” при МУ “ВКОЦФЗОЖ”
Adal Volunteer Club
Union of Young Leaders

Union of Youth of Kazakhstan

Library named by Zhambyl
Impact Hub Almaty
Narxoz University
ALMA University
KIMEP University

KBTU Startup Incubator
YouTube show “1+1”
Campus Media

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