On July 25, elections of akims of cities of rayon significance, towns, villages and rural districts were held.

Recall that President K. Tokayev signed the relevant amendments that introduce direct elections of akims of the lower level (cities of district significance, villages, townships, rural districts) at the end of May of this year.

The first elections were held on July 25, with over 700 akims across Kazakhstan elected. In total, 2,345 rural akims will be elected.

Nevertheless, the reform raised a number of questions from experts and the public.

According to the expert of LPRC political scientist Dimash Alzhanov, the centralized management of the regions has not undergone significant changes. In general, the study of the government’s position showed its insufficient elaboration. It does not contain a detailed analysis of the problems of the existing model of local government, nor does it take into account the experience of the creation of LSG in economically developed countries. Unfortunately, the reform does not offer the public a clear vision regarding the model of local (self-) governance being built by the government.

A more detailed analysis of the problems can be found here

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