A detailed interview with Evgeny Zhovtis, Director of the International Bureau for Human Rights, discussing the issue of discrimination in Kazakhstan and proposed ways to overcome it, has been published on the news portal BAQ.KZ.

Evgeny Zhovtis spoke about the problem of discrimination in Kazakhstan. He pointed out that discrimination is linked to socio-economic factors and most often affects vulnerable groups. The expert noted that Kazakhstan lacks anti-discrimination legislation and institutions for its effective protection, which is also confirmed by international organisations.

Next, Evgeny highlights the areas in which discrimination is more common in Kazakhstan: the rights of ethnic, religious, sexual minorities, as well as people with disabilities. The expert also noted the language problem in modern Kazakhstan, noting the transition period and the difficulties in balancing language rights.

According to the expert, political will and the implementation of political reforms will help create and strengthen anti-discrimination legislation and increase tolerance in society, which will allow for more effective combating of discrimination in various areas of life.

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