Dear experts, lawyers, human rights defenders and concerned citizens!

On November 13, 2020, from 14.00-17.00, an online conference will be held on the topic “Responsibility for sexual harassment in Kazakhstan: What we don’t say.”

Conference include sessions on sexual harassment in educational, medical, and government institutions, corporate sector, public places, and even in the family. Experts will give a legal assessment to the each case and form proposals for the Government and Parliament of Kazakhstan to prevent sexual harassment in the country.

Speakers of the conference are among well-known bloggers and lawyers like: Anastasia Miller, Snezhana Kim, Khalida Azhigulova, Zhangeldy Suleimanov and others.

Online broadcast of the conference is available on Legal Policy Research Center pages on Facebook and YouTube in KAZAKH and RUSSIAN

You can find out more about the project here

The conference is organized by the Legal Policy Research Center (LPRC) with financial support of the Embassy of Canada (within CFLI).

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